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Boost your Personal LinkedIn Profile…

LinkedIn is an important Social Media tool for businesses. In order to use this tool effectively you must build and improve your personal page and build a presence or ‘footprint’ on LinkedIn by engaging with others and increasing your own activity and posts. Use these 10 LinkedIn top tips as a guideline to help you improve your profile.

1. Be proud of your Achievements and Job History

If you have recently added any Training to your personal portfolio or have gained an achievement relevant to your role or company, add these to your profile to emphasise your knowledge and expertise in your profession. Make sure your Job history is up to date, however if a previous job is not relevant, for example a part time role you may have had when you were younger, don’t include this as this can be irrelevant to what you aim to achieve.

2. How you do you want to be seen by others?

What information do you want people to see when they first view your profile? Make sure your current job title is up to date and is displayed under your name. It helps to put the Companies name as well and use their LinkedIn Page name to ensure people can click through to your Business Page. This also gives your Business Page credibility.

Also under your title is a Summary section, use this wisely as it is one of the first things that can be seen on your profile page. We suggest a bit about yourself, your role and what you do. We also suggest a brief mention about the business you work for and what you specialise in. This is free advertisement for your business and can encourage other LinkedIn users to message regarding the services your Business provides. In your Summary and also in general posts try to use Key Words relating to your business.

3. First Impressions Count

Uploading a Profile Picture is important as this can make accounts more inviting and ‘personal’, encouraging engagements from other users. However choose your picture wisely and make sure you maintain a professional appearance as a negative image could have a negative impact on how other users view you and your business.

4. What makes you special?

Adding ‘skills’ to your portfolio is another way to emphasise your expertise in your profession. It can also help to get these skills endorsed by customers who you have helped previously, to show potential clients what you excel in. Skills can also help boost your profile into other user’s searches.

5. Have you done a good job or has someone else done a good job for you?

If you feel like you have done a good job for a client or have had good feedback from them, request a ‘recommendation’, this can increase credibility to potential clients. Likewise if you feel like someone else has provided an excellent product or service, give them a ‘recommendation’ to help boost their credibility. However reserve these for people that you would genuinely recommend, if someone requests a ‘recommendation’ and you don’t feel it is worthy, be polite and maybe endorse one of their skills instead.

6. Become part of a group

Use the LinkedIn ‘Discover’ Groups page, to find relevant groups to yourself and your industry. Join relevant ones and begin to interact with other individuals in a similar role or industry as yourself. Starting conversations in these groups can gain more impressions then just posting to your connections. You can also gain knowledge, ideas and tips that you can use in your own business.

7. Become a Leader

Once you have joined relevant groups and have mastered how to engage within groups, create your own. You can introduce members and can promote and send emails to people in that group whether they are connections or not. Again allowing a wider network of impressions.

8. Be personal

When connecting with a new connection, don’t just request to connect, click on the ‘Add a Note’ button and send a personalised request. Just a quick Hi and why you would like to connect. You are more likely to get a response off people by adding a personalised request. This can often initiate a conversation and can lead to business opportunities. If you are connecting with someone you recently spoke to over the phone or met, remind them of who you are and when you met them and what was discussed. This acts like a, none formal follow up.

9. Personalise your Public URL

Don’t let your URL brand you as a random group of letters or numbers. Under your name, click Edit Profile and Edit the URL. In here you can change your unique URL to a more relevant name. Ours is now:


After meeting someone new, always send them a personalised connection request. Post regularly and make LinkedIn part of your daily Social Media routine. Share your company updates and posts and encourage your colleagues to do the same

We can offer support and management of your LinkedIn Business and Personal accounts as part of our Social Media Management packages. For more information please visit our Social Media Management Page.