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    Cyber Essentials

    Cyber Essentials

    Cyber crimes are ever rising in today’s climate with many falling prey to cyber attacks. Through hacking, the spread of malware and various other methods, if not securely protected, a company could face poignant problems. 

    Nonetheless, if we are alert and careful about our usage of computers and other electronic media, we can protect machines and in essence, businesses from undergoing such malicious attacks.

    The term “Cyber Essentials” purports to be an awareness of the necessary measures safeguarding computers against hackers.

    The government provides support in the ever growing fight on Cyber Crime and the various activities attached. Different government schemes take on the responsibility of protection, giving you peace of mind. Upon inspection companies are awarded Cyber Essential Certification. You can take a look at this scheme, here

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    What is Cyber Essentials?

    The steps necessary for computer protection against malware, phishing and other cyber crimes. When a computer is hacked or infected with malware or a virus, there’s the potential of losing critical and sensitive data. This information can potentially go on to be sold via the dark web with the repercussions potentially catastrophic. 

    Stay Secure With Cyber Protection

    An awareness and some basic knowledge surrounding computer safety is certainly helpful. Take a look at the following five tips on cyber protection

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    A decent antivirus facilitates the blocking of viruses and malware. Software such as this MUST be kept up to date at all times. Just as new and improved versions of PC programs immerge, so do better hacking methods.  

    Securing internet connection with a firewall is equally important. This prevents unwanted programs entering your network and causing problems. A Firewall filters the safe sites from those looking suspicious. 

    All devices including PCs, laptops & smartphones should be equipped with adequate security settings. Passwords are a must and for an additional layer of security, it’s worthwhile looking at two factor authentication. 

    Alongside software updates it’s also intrinsic you keep PCs and laptops running on the very latest version. When switching on your PC, if you’re presented with a notification recommending an update, try to avoid the ‘Save for later’ option. These updates are critical in keeping data secure. 

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    Restrict access to machines and data. Using Administrative rights, company owners and management can safely decide which programs and data files are allowed to be viewed by each employee. 

    Our Conclusion?

    Cyber crime is not going away and continues to grow. With a little vigilance and knowledge we can protect computers, smart phones and all important data from falling into wrong hands.