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Computers & Hardware

The Right Hardware Improves Efficiency

At Lucid Technology we specialise in sourcing the correct software to improve the efficiency of your computers. For the best levels of IT Support for servers, laptops, tablets, PC’s and network switches, get in touch with our experts.

We understand the importance of working without restriction by making sure we fully comprehend your requirements. By investigating the software and workload needed by existing IT hardware the most appropriate solutions are sourced.

Where do we Obtain Computer Hardware?

We use leading manufacturers including HP, Lenovo, Cisco and more. Should your company require a purely bespoke solution we will meet your exact software requirements head on. Ask us about Lucid’s 4 Step Process, ensuring machines run optimally at all times. 

Hardware and computers need to be upgraded at specific times and we can help with this by implementing a rolling replacement plan. Using a cost per seat per month basis this allows you to easily budget and maintain control of your costs.

Speak to our dedicated team about computers and hardware today.

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