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    Network Security

    Network Security is Critical

    Network security can offer basics such as a firewall to prevent unauthorised users gaining access to your network. Business data needs to be secure and with threats becoming more sophisticated a deeper and comprehensive approach is required. Our approach involves Unified Threat Management, or UTM. This involves a single hardware or software installation which provides multiple security functions. Ask how Lucid Technology can help with the network security of your business.

    Familiar with https? This means a website is safe and secure to use and for those who don’t show as being secure, means they could well be losing customers. Secure website visitors currently account for as much as 70% of all SME network traffic. A firewall must be able to look inside in a bid to avoid hidden ransomware.

    A modern firewall manages potential threats from inside a network as well as outside. This means your website visitors are monitored at all times to ensure there are no hidden threats coming your way. We recommend combining a firewall with the prevention of internet abuse and good management capabilities. This is something we will discuss in depth with you.

    Independent Security Specialists

    At Lucid we supply and install a comprehensive range of firewall solutions from market leading vendors such as Cisco, SonicWall, Juniper and Palo Alto. Our team are fully trained in their use and experienced in supporting and installing devices into the Enterprise market.

    Having installed a firewall, we can leave the rest to you. Alternatively there is a fully managed solution available. We will monitor and react to any threats directly from our Stockton based office. We currently support hundreds of firewalls located all over the UK and more recently, internationally.

    Take advantage of a free network security audit, allowing us to demonstrate how we can improve your network.

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      I want to say a huge thank you to Paul and his team for their amazing efforts and hard work in supplying the firm with a new telephone system. Late on Thursday evening our entire telephone system crashed. I contacted Paul and within an hour one of his team were at our office to look at the problem. It soon became apparent that the system was broken beyond repair and an entire new system was required. Paul spent hours that evening contacting BT on our behalf to get the calls diverted.

      Cygnet Law

      Woah! We are absolutely blown away with Lucids customer service! It was time to add another PC to our edit suites at Wanderland… but being video production, AND being Chloë Clover, we didn’t want any standard PC. We needed some mad high spec, custom built, crazy-fast spaceship which we couldn’t just buy in a normal computer shop. We most definitely don’t have the knowledge (or time) to build one ourselves, but luckily for us, Paul at Lucid knew EXACTLY what we needed.

      Wander Films

      As a company that delivers excellent customer service and helps solve their client's issues in a prompt and efficient manner, We do HR Limited needs to be sure they use suppliers who share the same ethos. That is why I can highly recommend you and your team for the management of our I.T. network. The team who manage technical support are courteous and efficient, raising tickets and taking action as soon as is reasonably practicable.


      As you are aware, you and your company were my first and only choice for IT support when my business expanded out of its serviced office premises into Kingsway House five years ago. Since then you have installed and managed our network, supplied our hardware and software, managed our broadband connectivity, backed up our network (which was a lifesaver when I deleted a large part of our files from the server!).

      PG Legal Ltd
      Jonathan Fletcher

      Yarm D.I.Y is situated on the high street and is recognised by many for our garden ornaments and garden furniture displayed outside. On Friday 17th August, two members of the public casually walked passed our store, picking up an ornament each and attempted to disguise them under their coats. Following the event, we noticed that Lucid Technology Solutions have CCTV cameras displayed in the window of their office.

      Yarm D.I.Y
      Gary I'Anson

      We contacted Iain at Lucid Technology Solutions to see if he could help in installing and supporting additional telephone/internet cables at our office. The company that we had used for a number of years had ceased trading and having made enquiries with other companies we were getting nowhere. Two other companies told us that it was not possible for them to support our systems and install additional cables unless we used them as our supplier for the telephone lines.

      Cygnet Law