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Mobile Phones – Then vs Now

With the recent announcement of Apple’s new iPhone XS and XR we thought we would look back on the development of mobile phones over the years.

The first ‘hand phone’ was produced only 45 years ago. In just a short period of time the mobile phone has progressed massively. And it’s strange to think how we could have managed without them.

Today, mobile phones are an important part of our lives. When losing them or leaving them behind we use expressions such as ‘it feels like I’m missing a part of me’. We miss out on the world, the constant connection through texting and Social Media.

Over the years the mobile phone has evolved and continues to grow from the ‘brick’ that was the Nokia into Android and Apple that we can’t live without today.

We have gone from being entertained by Snake to having a constant choice of brand new games and getting addicted to Candy Crush, Pokemon Go and Temple Run. We have gone from the small green screen to flip phones and then onto the large HD screens we have today.


Mobile phones were originally created as a means of communication, however with the latest smart phones, basic communication has taken a back seat to entertainment and Social Media.

Back when Nokia was the leading mobile brand, apps were limited to the apps that the device came with such as Phonebook, Calendar, Music etc. with basic games like Snake. Even earlier than this, mobile phones were simply to make phone calls.

Today you can download Apps for a variety of different activities, from Games to TV and Movie streaming. You can even downloads apps to replace day to day objects such as a Spirit Levels and a Measuring Tapes.

Smartphones have also made it easier for travelling business people, as it is easy to communicate via email and video conference via a Smartphone.


Spotify and Apple Play, how did we live without them? You can have any song at your fingertips using either of those music apps or even Youtube. How did we manage when the only music on our phones were ringtones?

As technology progressed we began carrying separate devices starting with the MP3 and moving on to the Ipod. Even when mobile phones allowed song downloads, there was limited space to store these and they tend to cost money per song.

Current music apps allow free or low cost subscriptions to play any song at any time, providing you have data on your device. On some apps you can download your playlists so these can be played even without data.

We have advanced to a point where music is easier than ever and recording the charts on a Sunday night is a thing of the very distant past.


How many of you actually own a compact camera now a days? The camera on a smartphone is ‘that good’ that you no longer need to carry 2 separate devices…

It’s hard to believe that camera phones were only introduced in 2000, and as these have evolved, so have the uses for phone cameras, updating your followers on Social Media channels like Instagram and SnapChat.


Group Chats… what are they? Gone are the days when you used to have 20 contacts on your phone and you could only message them one at a time.

Now we have access to iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, where you can message without limits and can message in groups to include all your friends.

These apps also allow you to stay in contact when you don’t have signal, as long as you have data or you are connected to the wifi. Therefore if your network provider has ‘gone down’, for a period of time, you can still message and make phone calls through these apps.


In the early years of the mobile phone, there was limited memory that allowed 20 numbers and 10 text messages to be stored.

As mobiles began to evolve, they started to offer more storage for extras such as pictures and music. MicroSD cards were also introduced to allow extra space. However the storage that today’s phones can offer takes memory to a whole new level. Phones now have to have enough memory to hold the basics plus many apps such as Games and Social Media.

Internet connection

Today we can access our Emails, Social Media Accounts and Google searches at any time and from anywhere. We have begun to take the access for granted and forget that not long ago, only 22 years ago to be exact, the only internet that was available was on the computer, through the ‘delightful’ dial-up connection.

This breakthrough happened in Finland and grew across the World. Throughout the years this growth has not stopped and this could just be the beginning.

IPhone XR and XS

Thanks to Technology advancements we are able to do so much more, with ease and without limits. Lately, Apple has introduced the iPhone XR and iPhone XS that takes technology to the next level with Face Recognition to unlock your phone and you can also create your own Memoji and Animoji and control their facial expression using your own facial movements.