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Local Dairy Gains High Speed Internet

Lucid provide solution where other ISP's and Providers Failed.
Embleton Hall Dairies
Food Production
IT Consultancy, Internet Connectivty, Secure Wireless Networks

A long standing successful local Dairy, Embleton Hall Dairies invited Lucid to visit to discuss their IT support requirements. During this initial site visit it became very apparent that the business was being held back by very slow internet speed.


Like many local dairies, Embleton Hall is located in a rural environment and over a kilometer from the closest public road. Speed tests carried out at the initial meeting with Lucid indicated internet speeds were often less than 1Mbps. This was having a significant impact on day-to-day business operations and was hindering even basic internet-based services.

Prior attempts at speeding up the internet had seen options with install costs approaching £80,000 which was prohibitive. Our team was confident at the meeting of the possibility of other options that others hadn’t considered and committed to carry out some research and report back.


After a number of options were investigated it became apparent that under the right conditions Lucid would be able to deliver a long-range Wireless Point to Point link to one of its Point of Presence in the Tees Valley. This would create a link of 13.9KM allowing a link to a fast dedicated internet circuit. Embleton agreed and a circuit of 30Mbps was designed and commissioned. This work involved the installation of a concrete slab, installation of a mast and long-range wireless network.


The Dairy has benefited from a dedicated 30Mbps internet connection for a number of months allowing them to deploy with Lucid’s support some basic cloud services, automated remote backup of their crucial data which were impossible prior to this change. This was delivered at a fraction of the costs of prior solutions and provides a long-term solution for the business.