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    Temperature Screening CCTV

    Thermal Screening CCTV

    CCTV in combination with Thermal Detection Cameras are well established, it has become an option for the first line of defence against the Corona Virus.

    Lucid offer a range of Temperature Screening Solutions, with multiple product types and a wide range of applications, we design and implement solutions specifically for each individual client. Our solutions include detection of skin-surface temperatures allowing rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios as well as more intensive inner eye and Thermal Body Temperature detections.

    A Combined Solution

    This can be combined Density Control Zero Touch Access Control and Facemask Detection Technology to comply with your current health and safety guidelines as well as social distancing, etc to protect your staff as well as your clients.

    Just some of the verticals that can benefit from this kind of technology and that Lucid is consulting with; Airports, Offices, Schools, Enterprise Parks, Warehouse and Logistics, Hospitals, Residential Care Homes, Retail and Supermarkets.

    This is an incredibly fast-moving marketplace with manufacturers racing to improve this technology almost weekly and our team is constantly working to keep ahead of the game.

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