Face business disasters with minimal disruption & peace of mind.

Have to face the issue of being without an offsite managed disaster recovery solution? We will support you through disasters your business may face.

Our approach utilises cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with the expertise they need to maintain business operations during catastrophic events. These disaster recovery technologies have only previously been available to large enterprises, but we have worked tirelessly with market leading vendors to change this; allowing access to these high-level facilities at Small and Mid-Size Business prices.

If you have a server failure, power cut, fire, theft, flood or bomb threat, we can deliver a complete cloned image of your server to any site to get you back up and running with minimal disruption.

The Service can also include loan server equipment Free of Charge to ensure you’re up and running in the quickest time possible.

We will ensure all of your systems will be accessible within 24 hours of failure, re-establishing your affected systems just the way they were seconds before disaster. We will be able to facilitate remote/home access for your key employees within minutes, and replicate your IT operations either on site or at temporary / new premises.

Disaster Recovery Key Facts

– Offsite replication of your servers and data for swift replacement

– Recovery of systems quickly and effectively

– Face business disasters with minimal disruption & peace of mind

– No capital outlay

– Fully managed and hosted solution

– Only 21% of North East businesses have a business continuity policy. Chances are you think you’re covered with regular backups – but with no Servers or data how long would it be before your business loss was irretrievable?

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