Lucid Technology Solutions is the culmination of 30 years’ experience in the technology marketplace.

It is an approach, a way of working based upon successfully delivering tens of thousands of projects both large and small to thousands of clients in that time.

Lucid is a way of thinking, a way providing business technology solutions with absolute clarity. It’s a way of looking at each client project with a unique perspective, considering every minute aspect of our clients’ business and then providing a clear solution that is delivered to the highest possible standard.

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants, engineers and technicians, work with you to ensure you get exactly what you need whilst ensuring the solutions provided are as ‘future ready’ as possible.

We call this Lucidity! Our clients who fully embrace this ethos and quickly recognise the benefits of having a true technology partner, someone who will be there to help and advise on decisions large or small. They realise they can rely on a team of experts who come to understand their business in great depth and provide short and long-term planning for business growth and development.

The correct hardware can improve efficiency.

Servers, Laptops, Tablets, PC’s, Network Switches are at the core of any modern IT network, sourcing and using the right hardware can make the difference between a team being efficient and able to work quickly without any IT restrictions and your team sitting staring at a screen waiting for their computer to catch up. As with everything at Lucid we look to clearly understand your requirements, what software and workload you need your IT hardware to handle and then source the most appropriate solutions from market leading manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Cisco among others. If your needs are more specialist we can design a bespoke system to exactly meet software requirements. All hardware is supported by our Lucid 4 step support process to insure your machines remain running in top condition.

We can also help you implement a rolling replacement plan if required on a cost per seat per month basis to allow you to easily budget and maintain control of your costs.

To find out more about our Hardware, call us to arrange a coffee and a chat.

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