The security of your network has never been more important…

Network security can be as basic as a firewall preventing unauthorised users from gaining access to your network. However as threats become ever more sophisticated a more comprehensive approach is needed. Resulting in the development of UTM or Unified Threat Management devices being designed.

With secure https traffic, accounting for as much as 70% of all SME network traffic, a firewall must be able to look inside to avoid hidden ransomware. This is where the vast majority of previous solutions fall down.

A modern firewall appliance now provides management of threats from inside the network as well as outside. They look inside the data packet on both normal and secure SSL traffic not just the packet header. It also allows you to control the applications that your users are using on the internet. Ideally this would be combined with a comprehensive method of preventing internet abuse and also provide good management capabilities.

We are independent security specialists, supplying and installing a comprehensive range of firewall solutions from market leading vendors such as Cisco, SonicWall, Juniper and Palo Alto. Our team are fully trained and experienced in supporting and installing devices into the Enterprise market.

As part of our offering we also offer a fully managed solution. Allowing our team to monitor and react to the threat from our NOC located in the north east of England. We currently support hundreds of firewalls located all over the UK, more recently, internationally.

Take advantage of a free network security audit, allowing us to demonstrate how we can improve your network.

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