Lucid offer a variety of different hosting options tailored to the size and needs of your business.

Helping you find the right hosting option for you…

We offer a variety of different hosting options varying from shared web hosting for small websites to large dedicated servers running high end system with constant data processing. We can configure most servers with whatever setup you require.

If this is not your area of expertise picking the correct server can be difficult. Get in touch with us and talk to one of our experts, they will be able to advise you on what hosting option will suit your needs.  This means you will only end up paying for what you need.

Available Hosting Solutions

These are the most popular hosting solutions that we offer.

Shared web hosting – Perfect for small and medium websites looking to have an online presents.

Dedicated Web Hosting – The perfect choice for those online retainers.

VPN (virtual privet network) – This is a great option for CRMs and web application as you can increase storage and memory as your systems grow.

Dedicated Server – Own your very own server and customise it to your needs. Run it in the office or offsite at a privet facility.

To find out more about our Web Hosting, call us to arrange a coffee and a chat.

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