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    Top Five Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

    Top Five Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

    Have you ever considered outsourcing IT Support? If you’re reading this it’s likely the answer is yes. At Lucid Technology Solutions we have compiled a list of the top five benefits associated with outsourcing this service.

    Number 1: Cost Control

    Perhaps one of the biggest facets to consider with IT Support is based around costs. Sure, you can hire internally, but what will the total price tag look like annually? At entry level a company will be looking to pay around £19,000. Add to this HR expenses, pension pots, holidays and other responsibilities, the total soon mounts up. Going external to manage your companies IT services will cost significantly less.

    • Fixed costs become variable
    • Budgeting is made easier
    • Your support is bespoke
    • Pay only for what you need
    • Reduce labour costs

    Number 2: Precious Time

    In any business, time is precious. From directors right through to employees, the ideal scenario sees workers focused on specific daily tasks in order to maintain workflow and in essence, grow the company. Having to take time out from your usual role to address IT related issues takes time away from the ‘day job’. For managers and directors this can be doubly frustrating due to overall responsibility. How can you expect growth when so much time out of each day/week/month/year is spent fixing a dodgy printer?

    • Regain time to focus on specific tasks
    • Removes the worry of IT problems
    • Immediate support should something go wrong

    Number 3: Efficiency & Competition

    Think about the factors within your company that you really need to focus upon. Where do your strengths lie and how can you apply these to further business growth? If IT support is not an area where you excel, why not pass it on? Even if you are knowledgeable in the subject, could you be working more efficiently? Whilst you’re looking into IT problems, the chances are, your competition is busy expanding.

    • Inhouse costs affect customers
    • Work efficiency drops when not outsourced
    • Your competition will get ahead

    Number 4: Stay Secure

    Keen to avoid a data breach? Stay up to date! Both hardware and software is required to be updated regularly. If it’s not, your systems could be left wide open to hackers. A Cyber Attack named WannaCry cost the NHS £92 million back in 2018. With 19,000 appointments cancelled, the ramifications were horrendous. Could your company withstand such a breach?

    • External IT support keeps you up to date
    • Security systems are always in place

    Your company will work within the relevant GDPR regulations

    Number 5: Level the Playing Field

    For many small businesses, hiring IT support internally simply isn’t an option whereas larger companies have the required, available funds to make either choice. If the option is to outsource or employ no measures of IT support and safety, the former is the most appropriate.

    • Companies appear ‘bigger’ with an IT department
    • Access to the same technologies as larger businesses
    • Gain a competitive advantage

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