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What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber crimes are on a rise in the present world and many fall prey to cyber attacks through hacking, spread of malware through various means and others.

Nonetheless, if we are alert and careful about our usage of computers and other electronic media, then we can protect our machine and self from these malicious attacks.

“Cyber Essentials” means nothing more than being aware of the necessary measures to safeguard our computer against hackers.

There is support from government too in order to curb such activities. The various schemes run by the government take on the responsibility of protecting the computer and ensuring peace of mind. For this, they offer special Cyber Essential certification after inspecting the machines to ascertain all norms are fulfilled. For a similar experience of safety, visit the site and understand what is required to get the certificate of protection.

What is Cyber Essentials?

As the name suggests, Cyber Essentials are steps necessary for computer protection against malware, phishing and other cyber crimes.

When a computer is hacked or infected with malware or viruses, we stand to lose our crucial data and confidential information stored on the machine. It is a well known fact that later this stolen information is used for spurious purposes, giving rise to many scams that we come across daily.

Let us not forget that if top secret data of any government falls in wrong hands, it can create havoc across the world. Thus, a lot is at stake when our machine is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Then, how do we protect our computers? What are the things we need to know about safety?

The following list will enlighten you about steps that are must to ward off cyber attack.

Cyber Protection

Alertness and basic knowledge about computer safety can help a lot in living a tension-free life.

  • The first thing to do is to install a good anti-virus program on the machine. This facilitates blocking of major known viruses and malwares and thus protects the machine from hackers. Do make it a point to keep the software updated at all times, since there is addition of new viruses on daily basis.
  • Securing the internet connection with firewall is equally important. This prevents unwanted programs entering your zone and infecting the computer. Firewall ensures that only filtered and safe sites are allowed access to your network and blocks all suspicious sites.
  • All devices – computers as well as smart phones, should have adequate security settings. Use a password for access to your phone and computers, so that no unwanted party can trespass and steal the information stored on them. Critical services like internet banking, office confidential data should have two-stage verification for access to make it foolproof. That means, besides the regular set password, there should be OTP (one time password) system to double check the authorization of access.
  • Besides updating the anti-virus software, it is essential to update the devices in use on regular basis. The device manufacturing companies keep on having critical updates to keep the machines up to date and protect against security vulnerability. This holds true for OS (operating system) and software.
  • Restrict the access to your machines and data. Using Administrative rights, one can safely decide which programs and data files are allowed to be viewed, altered or seen by others. Hence, all critical matter can be kept off limits, thus protecting it from misuse.


Cyber crime is on the rise. However, with little vigilance and knowledge we can protect our computers, smart phones and important data from falling into wrong hands.